About Us

Astral Authority is an esports organization founded in 2013 by its founder and current CEO Dinkelin Tavarez. Founded with our roots in Call of Duty, we have been able to branch out into other games such as CS:GO and Smash, recruiting only top of the line players with the intention to join our family and further our success.

Our professional teams are always hard at work training for the next event, and you can always find one of our streams grinding it out on our official Astral Twitch page. We continue to have a steady stream of support coming from our staff and fan-base alike, with a following of over 14k on Twitter and 70k on Youtube, we are always communicating with our fans about our next plan of action and what they can expect. Our main focus is to provide entertaining content to our fans worldwide and become a prominent threat in the esports community.

With these goals in mind, we have shown no signs of plateauing anytime soon as we strive to show people what #OurAuthority is all about.