First and foremost, many famous bodybuilders or fitness influencers would say that frozen food is very bad for your body and health. Many of them tend to shy away from frozen food and always recommend to eat food fresh. To grow muscle, you definitely need a high amount of protein. Your daily intake of protein should be atleast 300g, depending on your body size and weight. It also depends on your gender as well as males tend to need more protein than females. Though many recommend eating fresh food, sometimes frozen food isn’t all that bad. You can actually save alot of time and it is basically the same as eating fresh food. The reason being is that you freeze for a few days but it doesn’t really have any negative effects. You can even try it for yourself and see the difference. In the end, you will still manage to hit your daily protein intake and your fitness goals. So, it really does not matter if you eat fresh or frozen food at all. Not only that though, you can even consider freezing your vegetables as well. It is really not a problem at all if you freeze your meal prepped food. It is very convenient and you will not have any excuse anymore to eat unhealthy food or outside food. All in all, you can get your meat supplier from any halal meat supplier singapore, be it frozen or not. What is most important is that you hit your daily protein intake. You will still get to maintain your muscle mass and a healthy lifestyle, whether you consume fresh or frozen food. Give frozen food a try – you will not regret it and it might even change your entire life!